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Toothy grit, hard lines, and heavy riffs. The past and future of blues music collide in every thunderous snap of the string, shooting a pulse of electricity into an army of soul-dripping tube amps. Fuzz does not even begin to tell the tale of tone. The heavy bark of the guitar anchors itself in the powerful current of vocals exploding out from between his teeth–each word desperate to be heard.

Jared Zachary started writing the heavy blues songs that would become the Buffalo Fuzz self-titled debut album in 2014. The guitarist joined forces with fellow Minneapolis musician Jake Allan to create their unique, earth-shattering sound. They finished and independently released their debut album in September 2016, which achieved critical and commercial success. The duo embarked on some regional tours in the months that followed, most notably, their SXSW 2017 tour.


By early 2018, Buffalo Fuzz had written their second album to dig deeper into the themes presented in their debut. Most of the 11 new songs were composed for the purpose of catalyzing the unbound energy from their live shows. These songs also introduce Jake Allan's backing vocals, which create hauntingly beautiful harmonies. In May of 2018, the band entered Pearl Recording Studio to track their sophomore album to the very same Studer tape machine used to track Nirvana’s In Utero. Sadly, this album was the duo’s final work together.


In June of 2018, just a month after recording Volume II and the music video for "I'm On Fire", drummer Jake Allan died at the age of 24. The world stopped and the album sat on the shelf for months before singer Jared Zachary could return and finalize the mixes for the songs. Jared and Jake’s final work is now available for preorder worldwide.

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