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RELEASED June 5th, 2020

“I said I needed love, I said I needed life — I need a token from some measure of the divine.” Buffalo Fuzz wrote their second album to dig deeper into the themes presented in their debut, and they turned the energy up to eleven. The band tracked the album at Pearl Recording Studio to the very same Studer tape machine used to track Nirvana’s In Utero. Sadly, this album was the duo’s final work together. In June of 2018, just a month after recording the 11 tracks for this album, drummer Jake Allan died at the age of 24. The album sat on the shelf for months before singer Jared Zachary could return and finalize the mixes for the songs. Jared and Jake’s final work is available to ears worldwide, more than two years after it was recorded. Please support this project and claim your album today.

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